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Dave and Hannah choose the name 'Create Azure', and are ready to embark on an adventure that they had no idea would get this far.

June 2012

Dave spends the next months developing the website, the client portals, and working with potential clients and partners to provide web hosting and web development opportunities.

August 2012

Dave and Hannah prepare for release, and finally Create Azure is opened to the public on December 31st, 2012.

December 31st, 2012

Hannah begins a career in music, and starts recording with UK record companies. As time goes on, Hannah leaves Create Azure to pursue her music career.

August 2013

Enter Ray. Twenty-five years of web, print, and media design, and he quickly learns the ropes at Create Azure and becomes our first in-house Photoshop Guru, taking over the design position Hannah held.

September 2013

One year in business, and hundreds of clients pleased. Create Azure's client base had grown substantially from when Dave and Hannah were handling everything together. We knew we needed more developers and designers.

December 2013

2014. Dave relocates to New Jersey and begins working full-time at an infrastructure company. While we still handled over two hundred clients, Dave no longer accepted new clients during the time period he lived in New Jersey.

June 2014

2015. Dave leaves New Jersey, and embarks on a new mission: running Create Azure full-time again. With the new client base, Dave hires Customer Success employees, Personal Assistants, Designers, and Developers to take on the new load and the marketing plans in store.

August 2015
Dave Russell Jr

Dave Russell Jr

CEO and Founder

When I started Create Azure, I was 15 years old, thought I knew everything, and was ready to embark on a journey of inevitable success. Fast-forward nearly four years, I've met some really amazing people, hired some great staff, learned that I don't know everything, but I am still ready to tackle any project that comes in.

Location: Changing Daily

Hobbies: Reading, travelling, working on mini-projects, hiking, and watching "Charmed."

Ray Haylock

Ray Haylock

Overconfident Photoshop Specialist

Ray joined us in September of 2013, and since then he has held many titles in the company. Currently, he is the manager of our Design team. With over 25 years of print, media, and web design experience, Ray is absolutely the best fit to lead our team of designers.

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Hobbies: surfing, cooking, gaming (missing his Atari), wingsuit flying

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